Medication Issues

If pharmacy says there are no medications for you to pick up, please ask following questions from pharmacy
1) Was a prescription order has been received on the day of your last appointment?
2) Or is it because pharmacy is out of stock?
3) Or is insurance refusing to pay for it and needs a prior authorization? It usually means that your insurance wants you to try cheaper medications first. You can ask pharmacy about cash price in this case.
4) Can prescription be transferred to a different pharmacy. You don’t need us (doctor) to transfer the prescription unless it is a controlled medication. You can ask the new pharmacy to call the old pharmacy to transfer the prescription yourself. It is the fastest process to transfer the prescription and can even be done online on websites of different pharmacies.
If pharmacy says that a prescription has not been received on the day of appointment, please first look into your online pharmacy account/profile for that pharmacy. In most cases a medication has been sent but pharmacy staff sometimes has trouble locating it.
Please click on right side to login to your pharmacy profile.

If your CVS Caremark pharmacy is forcing you to get 90 day supply, it is because they have enrolled you in their Maintenance Choice program without your knowledge or approval. Please call them at 1-800-776-1355 and ask to opt out of Maintenance Choice program. Then you will be able to get your 30 day supplies at your local pharmacy.

Check the price of your medications for cheaper online ordering and mail delivery (We are not affiliated with these online pharmacies)

Honeybee, Amazon, Costplusdrugs, Healthwarehouse,, Blinkhealth, Geniusrx, Dirxhealth

(Honeybee lets you choose a generic manufacturer if you are looking for a specific generic manufacturer)




Download ADHD forms Here

Please use the new/initial forms if child is not taking ADHD medications at this time. If child is already taking ADHD medications, then use follow up forms.





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