Psychiatric Initial Evaluation

Cash Price: $300

We charge $300 for about 50 minutes long psychiatric evaluation during which your symptoms, their triggers, progression and their impairment on your lifestyle will be evaluated. The impact of your family genetics, your current living situation, current stressors and challenges will be taken into account. Then your personal goals and dreams about yourselves and future will be discussed. In the end, we will decide about psychiatric diagnosis if any, and possibility of using correct medication to treat those diagnosis.

Psychiatric Follow Up Appointment

Cash Price: $150

A follow up appointment is about 30 min and is charged at $150. During this type of appointment, we evaluate the effects of current medication. we decide if the medication is working well and and controlling all the symptoms. If any of above is not true, we explore the dissatisfaction with medication and consider alternatives (medications or therapy)

We will try to see you as soon as possible

Please contact us and we will try to schedule a consultation with Dr. Mudassar Tariq as soon as possible.

Mudassar Tariq
Mudassar TariqChild, Adolescent and Adult Psychiatrist