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Why Direct/Cash Pay Model ?

We are not contracted with insurances but you might be able to get reimbursed for our charges by your insurance. The things you most likely dislike about the health care system, your doctor dislikes them just as much. Wait times are too long. Appointments are too short. And medical decisions that should be made by you and your doctor are often too heavily influenced by decisions made by payers, i.e., insurance companies. When medical practices rely on insurance reimbursements for their survival, the payers inevitably define and shape the care you receive.

By not being part of the payer-determined system, we are able to offer the highest quality health care.

A growing number of people are realizing every day that an investment in a relationship with a private physician is a smart decision. The private medical movement gives you the ability to make your own decision about the type of care you want for yourself and your family. And while it seems that care costs you more, you cannot put a price on your health, mental outlook, and peace of mind, and quality of life.

In addition, by using insurance, you allow your records to be shared by your insurance. Once your information is out there, your privacy is not as private anymore. By being a direct pay provider, we ensure the privacy of your information stays as tight as possible. If you are an important public figure or hold an important position, safety of your information related to mental health  is very important. And being a cash patient ensures that .


Our Services and Charges

Psychiatric Initial Evaluation: $300

We charge $300 for an hour long psychiatric evaluation during which your symptoms, their triggers, progression and their impairment on your lifestyle will be evaluated. The impact of your family  genetics, your current living situation, current stressors and challenges will be taken into account. Then your personal goals and dreams about yourselves and future will be discussed. In the end, we will decide about psychiatric diagnosis if any, and possibility of using correct medication  to treat those diagnosis.

Psychiatric Follow Up Appointment: $150

A follow up appointment is about 30 min and is charged at $150. During this type of appointment, we evaluate the effects of current medication. we decide if the medication is working well and and controlling all the symptoms. If any of above is not true, we explore the dissatisfaction with medication and consider alternatives (medications or therapy)

You should choose us as your psychiatrist if you don't like long wait time in psychiatrist's office, hate the feeling that your doctor is rushing to finish the words that you want to say and doesn't know you as a person.

Dr. Mudassar Tariq, MD

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After you schedule an appointment, look for an email invitation for Luminello patient  portal. We use Luminello EMR for secure documentation and communication with patients. We will send you few forms to fill out through Luminello. We want your session to be about what you want to talk. We want to hear your side of things. Therefore we try to save some time by having you fill out few forms before appointment. When you login to your side of Luminello, we would also appreciate if you could confirm and update your demographic and medication information.

We look forward to seeing you in our office.